COVID-19: important message to our customers


Your safety and health, but also that of our employees, are very important to us. That's why we would like to provide you with some information due to the current situation.

About our hygiene:

The highest hygiene standards apply in our logistics center. That's why it's possible that you can now shop with us without hesitation. You can also be sure about the processing of orders. The same applies to delivery, which is guaranteed until further notice. If anything changes, you will receive information from us in our check-out.

About delivery time:

Orders we receive are currently being processed as scheduled and delivered without delays. The delivery times are therefore within the normal range and you can soon look forward to receiving the goods.

Don't let the joy take away from you:

The current situation is challenging, but we are sure that we will get through it. In order to help you get through this phase well, we would like to give you a little joy with our products as before. Continue to enjoy the little beautiful things in life every day! If we start focusing on this, we can cope well with bad times.

If you are looking for some variety and new ideas when life is slowing down a bit, you are welcome to visit our website

Homepage Look around and get inspired. Our usual social media channels will also remain in place. Take a look at Instagram to find out more about us!

So, have a good time and take care of your health!
Team Meinekette

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