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At this point we present you fresh trends, cool must-haves and absolute classics from the world of fashion jewelry. Discover styles that will enhance your outfit and make you shine beyond the warm season.

Of course, you decide for yourself what is popular at the moment. However, a little inspiration for women's jewelry certainly doesn't hurt.


We associate summer with sun, water, long nights and a feeling of carefree... If you want that holiday feeling at home, jewelry with pearls is just the thing for you! Here, timeless elegance and natural materials meet a touch of Ibiza. Whether in delicate pastel tones or brightly colored colors, these enchanting pieces of jewelry are simply made for this time of year.

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Individuality never goes out of fashion! That's why timeless pieces of jewelry with letters will sweeten your summer time this year too. You can let your creativity run wild and wear individual initials or full names. Create your very own accessory with a personal touch and complete any of your outfits in no time.

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Lucky charm

Not only ravishingly beautiful, but also meaningful – pieces of jewelry with lucky charms are currently very popular. Let's understand, after all, there's hardly a nicer way to combine symbolic power and a sense of style, right? According to superstition, the Eye of Nazar protects against “evil eyes” as does the Hand of Fatima, which symbolizes strength and luck.

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Let's fly away... Accessories with butterflies are among the it-pieces of the season. Airy, light and femininely playful, they inspire our imagination and take us mentally to a place we don't want to escape. Thanks to their classic design, they can be combined in a variety of ways with summer outfits and give your look that certain something.

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Accessories can be worn particularly well in a trendy layering look, especially with light fabrics and summery outfits. This simply means the combination of several pieces of jewelry that harmonize with each other. If you don't feel like buying all the pieces individually, you can take a look at our sets. Double chains, which look as if you were wearing two chains, are a real eye-catcher and are easy on the wallet.


Basically, of course, taste is individual and you should combine the accessories that you personally like. It looks particularly stylish to choose jewelry from a color family in different lengths and to pick up on small similarities (e.g. the same gemstones, pendants, etc.). However, slight breaks in style are also interesting. If you wear a very delicate necklace with a wide link chain, you can create an expressive look in no time. If you make sure you have a balanced ensemble - for example, consisting of a standout highlight and other subtle pieces of jewelry - you will definitely be stylish.

Salt water is not your jewelry's best friend. Especially if it is a gold-plated accessory, you should take it off before swimming in the sea, otherwise the finish can come off. If you forget to take off your silver jewelry beforehand, rinse it with water and a mild soap before drying it completely using a soft cloth. This is the only way you can prevent salt residue from remaining on the jewelry.

In our opinion, anklets are essential this summer. Whether you're casually wearing flip flops or elegant stilettos, this accessory can be combined with any look. While delicate chains with zirconia etc. are suitable for elegant outfits, you can wear more eye-catching pieces of jewelry with everyday fashion. Anklets can also be easily layered. A mix of delicate, simple chains and a special accessory (e.g. with pendants) looks particularly beautiful on the foot.

If your piece of jewelry has already discolored, you can remedy the situation with care products from the drugstore. Silver care cloths are ideal for accessories that have a rather coarse or thick texture. Smooth surfaces can be easily cleaned with a polishing cloth. When cleaning necklaces, be sure to proceed carefully so that nothing breaks. So-called silver baths are true all-round talents. Simply immerse the jewelry in the water bath for the specified time and then rinse it with clean water. To dry, you can use a soft cloth, e.g. microfiber or cotton. A high level of humidity, e.g. due to sweat, water or air promotes discoloration. Try to remove your jewelry before exercising, after any contact with water, etc. to dry and not to store it in the bathroom.