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We love what we do. That's why we attach great importance to the quality of our jewelry. For each individual accessory you will find information about the respective material in the product description. We'll tell you here what's behind it and why we chose these raw materials.

925 silver

925 silver, also known as sterling silver, is one of the most popular materials in jewelry making. It is particularly easy to process, has a high material value, is durable and recyclable. In addition, silver impresses visually with its wonderful shine that is second to none.

stainless steel

Similar to silver, stainless steel has excellent prerequisites for being used as a material for jewelry. The metal is robust and cannot rust or tarnish. Since the material value is lower than silver, lower prices are possible for end products.

Vegan leather

Animal welfare is very important to us. That's why we decided to only use vegan leather for our accessories. Without compromising quality or appearance, the raw material is unconditionally convincing as an adequate alternative to real leather.

Frequently asked questions about the material

925 silver has a higher degree of hardness than pure silver, which is why it is less sensitive to external influences. The metal is waterproof, can be fully recycled, is rust-proof and allergy-friendly.

Stainless steel is very suitable as a raw material for making jewelry. It is recyclable, rustproof and robust. Although it has a lower material value, stainless steel cannot discolor, unlike silver.

Basically, our jewelry is very easy to care for, regardless of the material. We have put together the best tips for jewelry care for you here .

The most important benefits of our materials


Our raw materials are harmless to people and the environment in every respect. Whether in extraction, production or during wearing, the material properties combine compatibility, longevity and sustainability.


Since 925 silver, like stainless steel, is rust-proof and has the necessary material properties, it can be 100 percent recycled. In this way, we promote the circular economy and ultimately our ecological footprint.


The two precious metals are not only visually appealing, but also particularly resistant. Due to its high degree of hardness, 925 silver has an essential property for jewelry making. It can be easily shaped into the desired shape and remains stable.

Tips & Tricks

Has your jewelry changed color or would you like to know how best to store it? We have summarized all the information for you in our guide.

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