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A lasting memory

Meine Kette places great emphasis on quality and value. However, through appropriate care, appropriate handling and appropriate storage, you can make a significant contribution to maintaining the longevity and aesthetics of your jewelry. For example, the precious metal silver reacts to various material combinations (strong differences in temperature, high humidity, etc.) with a color change. To ensure that your accessory can accompany you for many years, please note the following instructions and tips.


You should store your jewelry dry and away from sunlight to avoid damage and fading. Since the typical tarnishing of silver jewelry is promoted by high humidity, please do not leave it in the bathroom. Ideally, you should store your jewelry in a closed box. So you can e.g. This can also prevent necklaces, bracelets and anklets from becoming knotted.


Do not use aggressive products to clean your jewelry. To gently remove dirt, discoloration and for polishing, etc., a soft cloth, water and a mild soap are sufficient. Of course, you can also use special silver or jewelry cleaners. Be sure to dry the jewelry completely before putting it back on or storing it.


The material can be affected by sweat. If you are planning a sports session or a visit to the sauna, remove accessories that come into direct contact with the skin in advance. If you train in the gym, we recommend that you take off your jewelry at home. Since the climate in changing rooms is humid, storage can be done in a locker or similar. promote tarnishing of the jewelry.


Our jewelry is basically waterproof. However, contact with water promotes discoloration because people often forget to dry the accessory completely afterwards. Please remove your jewelry before showering, washing your hands and rinsing. The same applies to swimming. The combination of water and chlorine can also have a negative impact on the properties of the material.

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Schmuckbox (6169410142393)
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Frequently asked questions about jewelry care

You can find numerous tips on the Internet on how you can clean and polish jewelry using simple home remedies. However, we ask you not to do that. Regardless of whether toothpaste or baking soda is recommended, the fine (often invisible) abrasive particles can permanently damage your piece of jewelry, cause scratches or attack the gold plating/sealing. Gentle washing lotions and water are suitable for cleaning. If you want to polish your accessory, you can use a jewelry care product from the drugstore and a microfiber cloth.

Salt water is not your jewelry's best friend. Especially if it is a gold-plated accessory, you should take it off before swimming in the sea, otherwise the finish can come off. If you forget to take off your silver jewelry beforehand, rinse it with water and a mild soap before drying it completely using a soft cloth. This is the only way you can prevent salt residue from remaining on the jewelry.

No. Metals such as silver and stainless steel react to a variety of chemical compounds. These include, among other things, heat, moisture and sulfur. The latter can be found, for example, in ordinary breathing air. We therefore recommend that you do not store jewelry openly in the bedroom. If you sleep with the window closed, the material collects in the room. The next morning this can be reflected in a tarnished piece of jewelry.

If your piece of jewelry has already discolored, you can remedy the situation with care products from the drugstore. Silver care cloths are ideal for accessories that have a rather coarse or thick texture. Smooth surfaces can be easily cleaned with a polishing cloth. When cleaning necklaces, be sure to proceed carefully so that nothing breaks. So-called silver baths are true all-round talents. Simply immerse the jewelry in the water bath for the specified time and then rinse it with clean water. To dry, you can use a soft cloth, e.g. microfiber or cotton.

The best tips at a glance


- Avoid direct contact with cosmetic products

- Take off jewelry before exercising or visiting the sauna

- Prevent moisture


- Use mild soap or special cleaning products

- Do not use products with abrasive particles

- Always dry with a gentle tuck


- Store protected from sunlight and in a dry place

- Do not store in the bedroom or bathroom

- Use a jewelry box or bag

Our service
2 year guarantee

Meine Kette offers you a two-year guarantee on your jewelry. During this time you can have your accessory repaired or refinished. Of course free of charge.

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